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Hypermoderne sorteerinstallatie PreZero

A complete new turnkey installation for PreZero! In Groningen we have realised a brand new construction and demolition waste installation for PreZero. The new sorting installation can process 50 tons of waste per hour. More than 50 components are processed in the entire installation, including a 3D pre-sorting drum, a 3D screening drum, 3 Air separators and a bunker belt produced by Machinefabriek Emmen.

50 components

The entire sorting installation is equipped with various components to promote the sorting process. Vibratory feeders, magnets, shredders, nirs, compressors, extractors and various drums are installed to separate materials.

Pre-sorting drum

The pre-sorting drum is installed next to the area where the incoming construction and demolition waste is unloaded. The material can then be loaded directly into the pre-sorting drum. The drum screens material smaller than 400mm. The material larger than 400 mm is transported to a shredder. The metal parts are also removed from the construction and demolition waste with a magnet.

3D sieve drum

This 3.2×10 meter drum consists of 8 sections. The 3D sieve drum sieves the material smaller than 80mm. The material with a size between 80 and 350mm is discharged to double air separators and the heavy fraction, which remains, is considered as the rubble fraction.


With the completion of the hypermodern sorting installation for construction and demolition waste, PreZero can process larger volumes and convert more waste streams into raw materials for new products.