Infra technology

MF Emmen is a full-fledged partner in the domain of infrastructural technology. We design, manufacture, supply and install bridges, lock gates, dams, and accessories of similar and related works. The clients of MF Emmen are government related institutes like municipalities, counties, waterboards and the ministry of waterways and public works, consultancy firms and private companies active in the sector of infra technology.

MF Emmen serves as a contractor, sub-contractor, supplier, but also as a consultant in the domain of road-construction and hydraulics. Projects are executed on the basis of tenders, turn-key and construction team.

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Recycling technology

When waste can be effectively separated in useful elements, it will get an economic value. Due to their knowledge, ideas, experience, and means, MF Emmen is able to realise this. We develop and construct complete turn-key waste separation systems for many national and international customers. Furthermore, we deliver loose components, like among others under mentioned, in projects of third parties.

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We have a wide range of modern machines which we use to produce high quality products at good value for money. We regularly invest in new machinery in response to the changing needs and new developments in the market. Due to our machinery and the skill and experience of our personnel, we are able to perform almost any task for our customers. This applies to the construction and installation of machines, as well as the repair and (partial) revision of these.

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United in steel: GB Steel Group

MF Emmen, Kampstaal staalbouw, Nauta Heeg staalbouw, Kamplacon dak- en wandconstructies and Vossebelt kippers en containers: five unique companies with particular expertises in the area of steel. As these companies all belong to the same group, each of them is a reliable partner and can work extremely flexibly by quickly engaging other companies within the group.

GB Steel Group


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