Recently completed constructions and projects currently in progress: take a look at what we can do.

04 juli 2023

Hypermoderne sorteerinstallatie PreZero

A complete new turnkey installation for PreZero! In Groningen we have realised a brand new construction and demolition waste installation for PreZero.

08 juni 2022

Screening drum IRS UK

The trommel screen is specifically made for sorting nonferrous materials. These non-magnetic materials are filtered from slag and soil waste.

06 juli 2022

Bridges Bourtange

In the picturesque village of Bourtange, near the German border, we are working on the restoration of 7 bridges. The bridges must preserve their authentic and historic appearance.

13 april 2021

Renovation bridge Follega

In collaboration with Nauta Heeg we have renovated the parts to meet the current standards again.

12 december 2020

Dano Drum

In our production hall, we are working very hard to construct a new type of separation installation: the Dano-drum.

28 oktober 2020

Leeuweriken bridge

The new Leeuweriken-bridge is a bascule bridge with a steel deck and two fixed concrete spans.


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