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Trommel Screen

In order to effectively separate waste, perfect trommel screens are required. We attach great importance to the quality and efficiency of our drum sieves. We therefore regard this as a core component of our waste separation plants.

The advantages:

A separation efficiency of 96%
An increased number of rotations per minute
(up to 20 RPM compared to 10 to 12 RPM of regular drums)
Special spikes that open bags of untreated garbage (optional)
Adjustable speeds for various types of waste
Longer lifespan due to:
Optimal size-weight ratio for unnecessary stress forces and vibrations
Specially aligned drive wheels to prevent vibration and
metal fatigue

Important facts:

A capacity of 65 tons per hour
Processes various input streams
Untreated: 0-1000mm
Pre-shredded: 0-300 mm

Low cost of ownership

Low maintenance costs
Little wearing parts
Low in energy consumption

5 years warranty

In order to guarantee the high quality of our drum screens, we are the only supplier in this market that offers a 5-year guarantee on both our drum screen and the support frame.