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Bridge Follega

In November 2020, we started renovating the Follega bridge together with our sister company Nauta Heeg, on behalf of the province of Friesland. The bridge was built in 1961 and required major maintenance. The mechanical and technical part was outdated and the movable deck had hair cracks. In collaboration with Nauta Heeg we have renovated and partly renewed the parts. Simultaneously with the renovation, the bridge also switched to remote control from the control center Swettehûs in Leeuwarden. This control center remotely operates 17 bridges in Friesland.

Progress process

The renovation work went smoothly. During a period of 5 months, we worked on this beautiful project in our production hall. At the beginning of March, the new bascule beams were transported from Emmen and positioned. At the beginning of April the largest parts, the bascule and the flooring were placed (the moveable part of the bridge). Due to the installation of the bridge, the road was blocked until 14th April. In these two weeks we have also replaced the asphalt. From 15th April the bridge could be used again for road- and shipping traffic.

Below, a nice impression of the work and the end result.

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