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Bridges Bourtange

In the picturesque village of Bourtange, near the German border, we are working on the restoration of 7 bridges. The bridges must preserve their authentic and historic appearance. The project was carried out in a construction team and in collaboration with the municipality of Westerwolde.

Phase is was completed in 2020. 3 bridges were fitted with new bridge decks. In order to guarantee a long lifespan, it was decided to make them of composite. The composite bridge decks have a sandwich panel construction. This construction consists of composite and hard foam to ensure that the bridge deck bends in case of overload.

Phase 2 started in 2021. We used a different construction sequence. The 4 bridges were measured in 3D after renovation of the woodwork. Based on the findings regarding the 3D technologies, the other bridge decks were manufactured with precision.

The challenge of phase 2 was to make a bridge deck that had to be suitable for 12 tons of axle load. This has resulted into a composite bridge deck with a deck thickness of 100m that contains more glass layers which will guarantee the strength.

In week 31 the 7 bridges around the old defense fortress will be delivered. We would like to thank Bouwbedrijf Blokzijl, Schildersbedrijf Beikes, Fiby and Stork for the pleasant cooperation.