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Bio-bridge Wildlands 

The first bridge in the world that is movable and made of biocomposite (biocomposite is pressed flax fibre and bio-resin). Never before, a movable bridge has been made of biocomposites (high-quality innovative construction materials). A static biocomposite facade wall has already been installed at Dinteloord and lock gates made of ‘normal’ composite have been used in three projects in the country.

The first movable bridge in the world made of biocomposite.

The bridge will be in the new zoo. WILDLANDS, Adventure Zoo Emmen is the first in the world to have a biocomposite movable bridge build for a relatively light load. Machinefabriek Emmen, together with a number of partners, builds a composite sandwich bridge deck consisting of natural fibre reinforcement with bio-resins. In the future, this construction must replace steel- and glass fibre constructions in road construction and hydraulic engineering. The biocomposite bridge will become a convincing project if a successful bridge deck is made of biocomposties that: is lighter than steel and has the long life and low maintenance costs of a glass fibre reinforced sandwich bridge deck.