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GB Steel Group acquires Machinefabriek Emmen

GB Steel Group has acquired Machinefabriek Emmen (MF Emmen), whose expertise in bridges and locks construction and environmental engineering fit seamlessly within GB’s philosophy of sustainable construction. In addition to MF Emmen, GB Steel Group consists of Kampstaal, Kamplacon, Nauta Heeg and Vossebelt, altogether providing work for more than 300 employees.

Derk Jan Weeke – previous owner and now Managing Director MF Emmen:

“I have always worked towards guaranteeing a future for Machinefabriek Emmen, focusing on how the company can grow and continue to develop in infrastructure, recycling and machine building. By collaborating with a bigger, thriving and visionary group, that future is guaranteed. This ensures a prosperous future for all of our employees. I also immediately felt at home in the culture of the family business and that is very important to me.”

Bob Soetekouw, Managing Director GB Steel Group:

“With many of our customers in the construction industry and an ever-increasing need for maintaining the many bridges and locks in the Netherlands, we desire to further optimise our services to meet those demands. This requires a high level knowledge of design and civil engineering. With the arrival of MF Emmen that wish has now been fulfilled. Moreover, their arrival enables us to achieve our sustainability ambitions through recycling technology.”

About MF Emmen

With 65 employees, MF Emmen is a big name in civil and mechanical engineering. Established in 1924 under the name Machinefabriek Hidding, the company earned its stripes in the metal industry and mechanical engineering. Building on its expertise in infrastructure technology, MF Emmen grew to become a leader in the recycling industry, constructing screening drums and air separators. With an extensive industrial park, the versatile company services customers from a wide range of industries, from sustainable energy to food technology. They have completed large projects throughout the Netherlands and abroad, including the Súdergoabrêge Bridge in Workum, the Ganzen Lock in Kampen, a recycling installation for Deco in Italy and a production line for Noblesse in Wijster.

About GB Steel Group

GB Steel Group began in 1980 as Kampstaal and has since developed into a renowned player at the forefront of the Dutch manufacturing industry. Through commitment, accountability and taking pride in its work, Kampstaal built a name in the steel construction industry in Emmeloord and the surrounding area, especially within the agricultural sector. Over time, the Group expanded through the acquisition of Staalbouw Nauta Heeg in 1994, Constructiebedrijf Beijer in Meppel (now Kampstaal Meppel) in 1996, Kamplacon in 2004 and Vossebelt in Geesbrug in 2007. Along with these new partners came expertise in heavy and large steel construction for infrastructure and industry, building roof and wall structures to compliment steel structures with facades and roofs, and the manufacturing of tippers, containers and belt trailers for the transport industry. Although the subsidiary companies operate under their own name, cooperation and synergy within GB Steel Group remains of the utmost importance. In this way, GB works efficiently towards the future, putting the focus on automation, talent development, sustainability and expanding its services. From the beginning, GB Steel Group has continued to broaden its repertoire, which now includes building parking garages, data centers and high-voltage substation structures far beyond the Noordoostpolder. With the recent acquisition of MF Emmen, the group can now provide its customers with greater expertise in infrastructure, recycling and machine construction.

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